1600 Meter Race Tips 2021 Warm-up for 15-20 minutes. Observe the field of race. Make room for standing in the 1st Line.

Make the position for the race to get into the 1st Group. Wait for the order. Take part as soon as you get orders.

1600 Meter Race Tips Keep the balance of your body on the four corners of the ground. 1600 Meter Race Tips 2021

does not give a chance to move forward. Discipline is the secret of your success while running. Our wish is for you.

1600 Meter Race Tips 1600 Meter in 4:30 Minutes Tips

1600 Meter in 4:30 Minutes Tips

1600 Meter Running Tips 2021 Running Chart

DurationRunning = TimePush upSprints
2week2Km30100meter 2 Time
4week4Km50200meter 2 Time
5week5Km = 24 Minutes50 200meter 2 Time
6week5Km = 21 Minutes50200meter 2 Time
7week4Km = 16 Minutes60 200meter 2 Time
8week3Km = 13 Minutes60 200meter 2 Time
9week2.5Km = 10 Minutes60 200meter 2 Time
10week2.5Km = 8 Minutes70 200meter 2 Time
11week2Km = 7 Minutes80 200meter 2 Time
12week1600m = 5 Minutes100 200meter 2 Time

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Runner’s Diet Plan

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